Thursday, December 7, 2017

Off to the Netherlands today

My speech for tomorrow at the March for Life in The Hague.

For the past 23 years, Mr. Smith has lobbied at UN meetings in New York and around the world, in total attending around 140 such events. He has represented the International Right to Life Federation and SPUC and now works for the Transatlantic Christian Council.

There is no international right to abortion, no treaties legalize abortion. At every UN meeting where abortion is even implied, there is a storm of disagreement.
Recently the Human Rights Committee in Geneva, which  monitors implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights has been trying to fabricate a right to abortion
 Article 6 of that covenant states :
1. Every human being has the inherent right to life.
5. Sentence of death…. shall not be carried out on pregnant women.

Now this committee has issued a draft General Comment 36 on the right to life which states:
 States parties must provide safe access to abortion to protect the life and health of pregnant women
So another compliance committee at the UN has invented a right to abortion.  They are not alone, the CEDAW (Convention on Elimination of Discrimination against Women) compliance committee has been doing this for years. These are fake rights. You cannot make a wrong, that is abortion, into a right.
These compliance committees make many grand pronouncements, but these are not binding on sovereign nations.  The only sure way to force a country to change its laws is by invading it and taking over its government, I am not advocating this. The next way to get countries to change their laws is to trick them. These UN compliance committees are experts in this field.  They proclaim a right to abortion where there is not one. Rich countries donating money to poor countries can also put pressure on them to change their laws. He who pays the piper picks the tune.

The most widely accepts Convention at the UN is the DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD adopted by UN General Assembly in 1959. In its introduction it states:

   WHEREAS the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth,

So the UN should be pro-life, but many people in the system are not.

Who would have believed that Communism would fall in Russia and Eastern Europe in the late 1980s? But a Pope preached in Poland, fear not. Ronald Regan said tear down this wall in Berlin. Maggie Thatcher visited Solidarity and encouraged them. People prayed and an evil empire fell.

Now to end, in 1996 there was a big UN conference in Istanbul. Around 140 pro-lifers attended, I was there being a bit of a troublemaker. The pro-abortion countries, mainly the EU, got nothing for their evil agenda at this meeting. There were three Dutch grannies there who prayed, which was wonderful. I call it the miracle of Istanbul.

Continue to pray and lobby peacefully to end abortion.

God bless you.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Last week in London

We had a very nice dinner in Bromley on Thursday evening. My wife got to meet people I had been talking about for years. There was a presentation glass mentioned, but this was presented on Friday.

There was a very nice reception put on for me at Head Office. There was lots of smoked salmon which is my favorite. Maybe Friday was the reason!

I was honored to be invited to Operation Mobilizations Christmas dinner. George Verwer was in great form as usual. I got to share a little about my work for the Transatlantic Christian Council.

Very nice glass award from SPUC Evangelicals, 

Pro-Life Hero  Lifetime Award  1994 to 2017

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Off to London for a few days

This morning my wife and I will be getting the train to London. Tonight we are attending a dinner put on for us by the SPUC Evangelicals committee. 

Tomorrow we are having lunch with Laura Fels from Campus Crusade. 

Then Friday afternoon there is a small leaving reception for us at SPUC headquarters. 

On Saturday night I will be at an Operation Mobilisation Christmas supper.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Transatlantic Christian Council (TCC)

Me and Henk at my home in Scotland

Henk speaks at my Church last Tuesday evening about TCC

I had a great time the last two days as Henk Jan Van Schothorst came to visit and talk about my role with TCC. I feel I must clear up a little confusion. I am not being paid by TCC at the moment. So in some ways, I am sort of a volunteer at the moment. Hopefully, I will start to get some salary early next year. There is much fundraising activity for TCC in the Netherlands and the USA at the moment. Please pray that funds would be provided.

I will be in the Netherlands 8 to 13 December. On the 9th Dec. I will be doing a 5-minute speech at the March for Life in the Hague. Several thousand are expected to attend. Henk will be translating for me.

If all goes well I shall be doing much the same work at the UN as I did for SPUC.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Transatlantic Christian Council (TCC)

I would like to introduce Henk  Jan Van Schothorst on the right and Todd Huizinga on the left, the founders of the Transatlantic Christian Council.

See :

On the 13th October 2017 I e-mailed the Pro-Life/Pro-family Coalition, that I have worked with the last 23 years , to say that I would be coming to the meeting on 26th October and that would be my last trip as my employment with SPUC would end on 31 October.

Then three days later I received this beautiful e-mail from Henk, I am sure he will not mind me quoting him:

Date: 16/10/2017
Subject: Re: Next Coalition meeting  -  my farewell visit

Dear Peter,

I've no words to express my feelings of thankfulness for the kind of person you have been to me and for what you've done for Transatlantic Christian Council in obtaining the special consultative status at ECOSOC and for the Pro-Life work at the UN. 

Your kindness, professionalism, faithfulness and many more good things will be kept as a treasure and example in my memory.

Two quotes from you, which transmit your unpretentiousness and experience, come to my mind: 'Ministry of the Presence' and a prayer suggestion at the doorstep of the UN building: 'Lord, please give me one delegate today to talk with'. Very useful!

Al these good feelings are mixed with sadness that you will no longer be around in New York, where you belong to the fixed furniture as a reliable brother and tireless defender for unborn people.
Unfortunately, this time I cannot attend the coalition meeting in person on Friday, Oct 27. But hope we can keep in touch. Always most welcome here in the Netherlands! (And I still owe you a great dinner ;-)

Thanks for all and wishing you all the best,

King James Bible - Matthew 16:18 
And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock, I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Henk Jan van Schothorst

The same day I replied to Henk’s very nice e-mail and said I would like to have the steak dinner he owed me, for helping with TCC’s accreditation to the UN.  Then Henk replied the same day not only offering to pay for me to come to Holland at his expense and perhaps working with TCC in some way. Also that he would take me fishing on the North Sea. So we arranged for me to visit mid December and also to meet up with Bert Dorenbos and speak at his March for Life on 9 Dec.
A day or so later I had a message from the Lord to “Pass on the baton “ to Henk with the UN work. I had been trying to get a paid job in Scotland for the previous few months and was not sure which way to go. I offered to show Henk what I did at the UN and he could then do it himself. After several e-mails, it became clear that Henk wanted to have me work for TCC. This put paid to the Scottish job. 

So on the morning of 26th October, I got the official offer from Henk to work for TCC. So at the Coalition meeting that day I was able to say it was not my last visit after all.

The next Sunday 29th Oct I went to what I thought was my last visit to my church, Graffiti. There they gave me a very nice plaque and a book about New York signed by many church members.

Plaque from Graffiti church

Pastor Taylor, me & Pastor Kareem.

Then on 31 Oct, I went to see my friends John & Rebecca Hodges in Jackson Tennessee. While there I met with Todd Huizinga, the other founder of TCC. We met in Memphis and had a very good meeting.

On 21 Nov. Henk is coming to Scotland to meet with me. He will be speaking at my Church that night. I will also be going to Holland 8 to 13 Dec as planned.

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